Today (Sonntag), 10 August, 14h-22h
Finissage / (heidy) collective pool party with Open Stage

bring your speedos, string bikinis and houlahoops! 

(heidy) says goodbye -  after eight weeks of art, workshops, & discussions, we will provide you during the last eight hours with the ultimate, final and total (heidy) experience. that means: pool party, open stage, open/performative take-down of selected pieces and a one hour dj set by each (heidy) member.
 if you have paddling pools, water guns, towels, a hose, snorkels or whatever suits and fits, please bring it. we offer kisses in return. 


Thursday (Donnerstag), 7 August, 19h 
Talks by Shaka McGlotten & Kaciano Gadelha of the heidy collective
Black Data is an academic and curatorial project that brings together black queer studies and aesthetic practices with critical analyses of Big Data, and the state and corporate collusions which seek to capture, predict, and modulate human behavior and expression.
Tracking desire. How far is the next guy?
Tracking desire is a talk about fragmented bodies, virtual landscapes and architectures of desire among gay men. In what extent has "gay" become just a sign for travelling pleasures translated into digital data? Tracking desire is also about shaping and deforming (Gestaltung ind Entgestaultung) the contours between human and nonhumans.

Thursday (Donnerstag), 7 August, 20h 
Performance by Solange, tô aberta!
Solange, tô aberta! (Solange, I'm open!) is a project by Pedro Costa in the format of a show, in the style of funk dance (originally from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro) that blends queer, punk and drag with the sound of Funk Carioca. It uses funk as a tool of political resistance. Distorting its initial form, it promotes a true explosion of cathartic dance and politics. It speaks of those bodies that want openness and space
to exist, staging the unclassifiable and questioning sexuality, gender, identity and stereotypes.
Thursday (Donnerstag), 31 Juli, 20h 
PREFORM Edition (There be Dragons here but I carry something of you everywhere I go) by Evan Ifekoya
You are looking so boy/girl or is it Caliban today? Orisha. Any new followers…any new likes… any new requests? Repeat. ‘PREFORM Edition’ explores an autobiography and the lives that have inspired it through Evan’s experience as a queer person of colour. In daily life, occupying a space that is read as neither male nor female, alongside inhabiting a body that is racially marked, Evan is met with hostility. This work aims to reclaim that space, challenging it artistically through provocative yet humorous devised performance. Performance and New media Artist Evan Ifekoya weaves together video, performance and social media interaction into a live event; presenting a black, genderqueer feminist perspective lived today. 
Evan Ifekoya & Raju Rage will be holding a creative & critical talk & workshop on Sunday 3 August.  For more details about the talk and workshop and how to sign up, please see below.

Sunday (Sonntag), 3 August, 12:30-17h
(E)merging identity and creative practice - a creative & critical talk & workshop with Evan Ifekoya & Raju Rage
12.30-14h Creative and critical practice talk - Evan and Raju will be in conversation about their individual and collaborative creative practices. This talk is open and does not need to be booked.
14 -17h (E)merging identity workshop - In small groups we will critically discuss and reflect on the nine micro cultures that make up our identity – class, race, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, ability, age and geography. The aim is for each participant to examine each microculture individually and explore how each has contributed to their whole person. From this, we will produce a series of portraits that will be presented to the group at the end of the session, using transparent (OHP) paper, pens, tape, a camera and projector. Through a creative and transformative process, we will perform and actualise future selves that engage with our past.
Places for the workshop are limited; you can sign up for (E)merging identity and creative practice - a creative & critical talk & workshop at  Please include the name of the workshop in the subject line. 
Thursday (Donnerstag), 24 Juli, 20h 
The Dilemma of the Diaspora to DefineRaju Rage
Placed in a world caught in endless transition between absence and presence, in/visibility and the dilemma of defining, join 'monster terrorist fag' on a diasporic voyage towards the fragile contested borders of the u/nknown for a performative installation-assemblage cohered through sensation, vibration, echoes, soundscapes, feedback loops, time travel and recursive fold.
Verortet in einer Welt gefangen in endlosem Pendeln zwischen Ab- und Anwesenheit, Un/Sichtbarkeit und dem Dilemma des Definierens, begleite "Monster Terrorist Fag" auf einer diasporischen Seereise hin zu den brüchigen, umstrittenen Grenzen des Un/bekannten für eine performative Installation-Assemblage zusammengehalten durch Sinneserfahrung, Vibrationen, Echos, Geräuschlandschaften, Feedback-Schleifen, Zeitreisen und rekursive Einfaltungen.
Thursday (Donnerstag) 17 Juli, 20h
Christopher Street Denial Berlin, Denial Cremer 
Denial Cremer schenkt Berlin einen vierten CSD, den kürzesten aller Zeiten! Die Pride-Simulation in der nGbK treibt die aktuelle Spaltung der Berliner Queer-Szenen ins Extrem und zeigt einen weiteren selbstberufenen schwulen Messias bei der Arbeit. Ego-Show, Boy-Drag-Performance, Mikro-Parade und sexy Hoffest mit nackten Ärschen. "Follow me! XO, Denial"
Saturday (Samstag), 12 Juli, 16h-18h 
Slow dances with strangers/ X ray vision, performance by Michael V. Smith
In two pieces by Canadian Michael V. Smith, smartphones create an intimate one-on-one performance for audience and performer.

Image, Cyrille Choupas

Thursday (Donnerstag) 10 Juli, 18h-20h
Slow dances with strangers/ X ray vision, by Michael V. Smith
In two pieces by Canadian Michael V. Smith, smartphones create an intimate one-on-one performance for audience and performer

Thursday (Donnerstag), 10.Juli, 20h 
The same old or so they say. Or why I rarely speak so personally, by Black Cracker