Stories leave their traces not only in space, but also in time. However, tracking queerness in time might be a striving enterprise when we face that we are not dealing with a unique and linear perspective on time and space. There are many histories, herstories, theirstories and ourstories, bridges called back which are forgotten, acts of resistance, misfits with gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity boxes that try to commodify otherness in a very conforming way. We are looking for lines of transformation through. This is also related to an enterprise of decolonizing white, middle class perspectives on queerness, and paves the way for disruptive, conflicting, struggling stories: stories of subjugated memories, border controls, realities that exist beyond mainstream values and norms.

(heidy) collective consists out of:
Derrick Amanatidis, Luce deLire, Kaciano GadelhaDebra Kate, 
Adriell Kopp, Luc Reboullet, Laura Paetau, Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, zoya