Thursday (Donnerstag), 7 August, 19h 
Talks by Shaka McGlotten & Kaciano Gadelha of the heidy collective
Black Data is an academic and curatorial project that brings together black queer studies and aesthetic practices with critical analyses of Big Data, and the state and corporate collusions which seek to capture, predict, and modulate human behavior and expression.
Tracking desire. How far is the next guy?
Tracking desire is a talk about fragmented bodies, virtual landscapes and architectures of desire among gay men. In what extent has "gay" become just a sign for travelling pleasures translated into digital data? Tracking desire is also about shaping and deforming (Gestaltung ind Entgestaultung) the contours between human and nonhumans.

Thursday (Donnerstag), 7 August, 20h 
Performance by Solange, tô aberta!
Solange, tô aberta! (Solange, I'm open!) is a project by Pedro Costa in the format of a show, in the style of funk dance (originally from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro) that blends queer, punk and drag with the sound of Funk Carioca. It uses funk as a tool of political resistance. Distorting its initial form, it promotes a true explosion of cathartic dance and politics. It speaks of those bodies that want openness and space
to exist, staging the unclassifiable and questioning sexuality, gender, identity and stereotypes.