“What is Queer Today is Not Queer Tomorrow” Filmnight

Thursday (Donnerstag), 19 Juni, 2 screenings, 20h in the nGbK conference room & 
not to be missed 22h Open Air screening in the hof
“What is Queer Today is Not Queer Tomorrow”
A night of topical short films, by heidy and friends. All films with English subtitles
"Off-White Tulips" by Aykan Safoğlu
(2013, 24 min, Turkey&Germany) 
2014 Lolly Award for Best German Short Film
2013 Grand Prize of the city of Oberhausen
As the artist sifts through a collection of photos and archive materials from the years James Baldwin spent in Istanbul, he narrates a speculative biography of both Baldwin and himself. Drawing from Turkish photographer Sedat Pakay’s images of Baldwin, pop culture artifacts of the period and the artist’s own family photos, Safoğlu’s essay weaves together a personal and complex analysis of race, sexuality and the position of an outsider in a foreign land. -Taken from Images Festival 2014 catalogue    &
"Uli&Ralle" by Laura Paetau of the heidy collective with Alexandra Konknat, Anna Casanova Nicolas
(2012, 8min, akademie der autodidakten, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Germany)
Special Preview Screening, Latest Films by Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau of the heidy collective & 
Llaima Suwani Sanfiorenzo